3 Reasons To Build Your Home In Florida

According to Forbes.com, Florida is the 7th best state to retire in. Here are some reasons why you may want to make Florida your new home.

1. Community

If you're considering Florida for retirement, you're not alone. Many people retire to Florida and find solace in a variety of communities. The most popular types of communities are 55+ Communities. These communities offer you the opportunity to live out your golden years in your own home, in a neighborhood full of people looking to enjoy their lives as well.

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2. Location

You can go in any direction in Florida and find an attraction/place-of-interest. Northern Florida is home to the state capital, Tallahassee. You'll also find St. Augustine. Head south and you'll find Disney World in Orlando. Further south and you'll pass Miami and Lake Okeechobee on your way down to the Florida Keys. Also, the majority of Florida is a peninsula, therefore you can find a beach in practically any direction.

3. Climate

You may love for Florida for the attractions you can't find anywhere else. However, you might also be inclined to move to Florida because of the absense of one thing: SNOW. If you're fed up with snow, Florida is your perfect escape. You're practically gauranteed 365 days of sunshine down here.

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