Top Ten List - Ernie Has Outlasted...



Did you know Ernie built his first home in 1974?  Ernie White Construction has proven to stand the test of time!  A lot has happened the last forty-two years.  Here is our Top Ten List of major events and inventions that have marked history since Ernie’s first taste of building a masterful home!

10. 1975 - Computerized supermarket checkouts appear for the first time.

 9.  1975 - The breakaway basketball rim was invented, allowing the rim to break away and snap back into place after a player dunked the basketball.

 8.  1975 - Former Teamster leader, Jimmy Hoffa, disappears, never to be seen again.

 7.  1978 - The patent for the first microwaveable popcorn bag was submitted.

 6.  1978 - The first GPS was invented.

 5.  1979 - The Sony Walkman and other portable music players became commercially available.

 4.  1981 - The creation of the Space Shuttle.

 3.  1981 - Control - Alt - Delete was invented by IBM.

 2.  1984 - The first LCD Projector was invented.

 1.  1984 -  The first commercially available cell phone, the DynaTAC 8000X, was invented by Motorola.

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